Welcome to growth . . style . . n love

I am coming to you on a glorious day . . my birthday J!  This blog is to be an account of my constant journey.  This journey is my growth in style, self, Christ.  Along the way I will be sharing all things I find joy in and adore.   Hopefully I will help some others in their journey!  More importantly I hope that this will keep me focused and honest :-D!

So I will share some of the things that I am working on currently . .

Fall Work Wardrobe

The perfect bedroom

Creations in Fashion

Work that body, work that body . . B is my inspiration to lose weight

Some of the things I am loving . .

My weird on and off crush on Seth Rogan (when his hair is tame he’s kinda hot . . no? yes?)

Early Voting . . Obama Biden!

Daryl Hawks, sports guy for Chicago NBC 5 . . he is oh so my type!!!


Update: Sadly August 2011 Daryl Hawks passed from a heart attack at 37 leaving behind a wife and three children.  Very tragic.


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