Halloween Costumes

Sooo . . I plan on celebrating my birthday this weekend, which means Halloween costume parties.  Now thankfully the Thursdays party is a costume/masquerade so therefore I will just rock the mask for that one.  But for Halloween I am in between two costumes ideas. 

First idea . . from my favorite Disney movie . . Alice


I am looking for an apron and a blue dress at the thrift store.  The adult costumes are so expensive!  The Alice costume was $80!! Plus it is tiny and cheap looking.

Second (and fave) idea is . . . Carrie

I plan on getting a thrift store prom dress and pour red dye down it.  Then the rest would just be fake blood dripping down my face and shoulders.

Once I make the decision I will so update you with pictures.  I will also give you guys a shot of my mask the masquerade.


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