Style is not only visual but mental . .

The last Oprah I watched had past contestants of the show “The Biggest Loser.”   Many of the contestants spoke of their struggles of keeping the weight off once they got home.  Each one of them said their biggest problem was matching their physical image to their mental image.  Style works the same way.  If a person learns to dress well that does not solve all their problems.  One must learn healthy confidence along with any visual changes.  Almost everyone has seen when a visual change for the better goes wrong.   The big girl loses her baby weight for good and then she becomes so over confident that she is a pain to be around.   The dorky girl who finally grows into her looks and then becomes too “popular” with the boys because she is not use to the attention and doesn’t know how to say no. 

Point, ladies and gentlemen is that you must keep your mind right.  You must ensure that your style reflects your inner self (not who you wish it to be!).  Trends are fabulous but every trend is not for everyone!  Sometimes the trend will not match your personality, which makes you look foolish and fake.  Sometimes the trend doesn’t match your body type, which is another post for another day.   You must understand what you want in life to understand what your style is.  Figure out what you want out of your career, your spiritual/religious self, and your weekend lifestyle.  Then your style can fit your life.  That’s my goal at least :-D. 


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