Birthday Promises . .

Okay so I want to show you sooo many things right now.  How theinterior design of my bedroom is going. . The lace dress I found that I want to update . . How I am loving rocking the grey as a neutral for Fall. . But I do not have a camera!!! 😦 It is tragic.  Yet, that one* promised to get me a camera for my birthday and restated that promise today.  . . We shall see.

Now for the Good news! One of my guys came through for my birthday!  My Daddy!!  I will get my Internet (plus cable & phone) cut on tomorrow so that will make updating you guys that much easier! Whoo Hoo!

P.S. All men will have particular nicknames that one being another much like the boy.  Which will not be changed to “thee boy” :-D.


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