Ookk so Dallas Austin call me :-)



I am watching the Real Houswives of Atlanta right now.


Kim, the only white woman, says she is a country singer.  Her man “Big Poppa”  gets her some time in the studio with the producer Dallas Austin.  Then the chick begins to sing . . .



She sounds a hot mess!!!!!! My goodness!  Plus on top of it one of her “friends” Sheree has the nerve to tell her she is good!  That is not a good friend!  A real friend will tell you what is really going on. 

Then Dallas tells her shes awuful but she just needs to work on her voice.  Man puh leezz.  If your taking that you need to come see me.  I can sing 10 times better, can dance, and I look good (and my age)!  Kim talking about she is 29!! I am praying she is lying cuz that chick looks a good 38 – 42.   

Sorry that had to be shared.


2 thoughts on “Ookk so Dallas Austin call me :-)

  1. hell yeah she sounds a hot mess, you aint lying there!
    I was cringing for her, had to change the channel, I took voice lessons
    wonder why I can’t get hooked up with Dallas? lol it’s all about money baby!

  2. ALL about money…sorry, I feel horrible for saying this, but the girl SUCKS. I mean, can’t match a tone?????? Give the money to me, Big Pappa…lol. Hey, at least she has the money to get some happy pills when the truth really hits her….

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