True Fan of True Blood


Okay how I love and adore this show. . The blood the guts. . The men. The show is on HBO on Sunday nights and is all about Sookie and how she has fallen in love with this vampire named Bill.  At the same time she falls in love with him people around her end up dead.  It is more about the drama then the blood and guts.  There is sex everywhere along with hot men.

Is it really wrong to still kinda find Lafayette attractive even though he is totally gay?  My number one crush is still Nick, who is totally not my typicaltype.  However, Nick’s swagger and size have totally won me over!  Who knew I would like a tall pale blond boy?

But anyway;Is anyone else totally obsessed with this show?  If so please tell me who you think the killer is?!? I am dying to hear peoples theories.  I am still thinking that it is Sam.


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