I hate painting . . .

Mostly because I am horrible at it! I have high standards, bad technique, and not enough physical energy to finish.  Currently, I am working on finishing painting my bedroom.  I want dark gray moldings (crown n bottom), a silver accent wall (RL Iron Gate), white ceiling, with pearl white walls.  So far I painted the bottom moldings and the side walls.  I got one coat of paint on the ceiling and the accent wall.  Today I was preparing to paint my crown molding.  Yea . . about that . . here is how far I have gotten . .

Unfinished molding

Yeeeaaahhh, my arms got tired and everything.  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, sad!  I really need to up my energy!  Want to be let in on the worst of it?  I did the worst job ever!! Making sure that I have do extra work when painting the second coat on the ceiling and the accent wall.  Look and see for yourself!

Wish I had painter!

I have been painting with a foam brush but now I know I need to go back and paint with a brush.  I hate painting with a brush. .  Lets not to mention I still need to buy a new can of paint for the accent wall because I don’t have enough paint for the second coat.  



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