Project Runway Me . .

I have big dreams the big dream is to own an image consulting agency running title “Growth, Style, and Love” =).  The other dream is to have a fashion line.  Right now due to lack of funds I am trying my hand at making my own clothes and transforming old clothes.  If you have been reading this for a little bit you know I had an idea to be Carrie for Halloween.  So for the outfit I went I bought this dress.



I found the dress at the thrift store for $4.50.   Gotta love the thrift store.  Once I ditched the idea of dousing it in red “blood” I decided to transform it into something new.  My idea is to turn it into a high waist skirt and dye it.  If you can not see it here is a better idea of what it would look like. 

Lace dress

So now I just have to think of what color to dye it.  I am thinking black or a charcoal grey.  I plan on buying the dye today. Initially I wanted to make it a deep purple but after a holiday party this past weekend with over 10 girls in purple I am ditching that thought.   I will update you all with the details and how it comes out.


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