Dressing The Bump

Beyonce is pregnant!! It is a little ridiculous but I am happy for her and Jay.  More importantly I cannot wait to see what she will be wearing!  As for the rest of us without platinum lined pocketbooks our choices are not as fun as Bey’s.  So since I just had a kid I figured I would share my little advice on finding acceptable clothes while you are pregnant. 

Target: Liz Lange – Staples for work and play.  Invest in jeans & two pair of slacks if you’re office confined during your maternity.  Otherwise Target also carries great dresses and t-shirts.  As far as work tops go I was not impressed however. 

H&M: Perfect for the stylish, not the biggest selection though.  If you’re not in a big city find it online.   I picked up one of my favorite and most used Trio here called the Mama Starter Kit.  This kit had a black pair of leggings, tank, and belly band in one little pouch.  Those leggings got a lot of usage as did the tank top.  The band is awesome as well but more for people who could have their old pants sit on their hips.  All my pants had been too big.  Also I found my favorite stylish pieces here; there was a grey dress that many people coveted and wanted to know if H&M had it in non maternity wear.  Plus I picked up a great staple of a pencil skirt that I could wear to work. – (similar option is Forever 21’s maternity section)    

Destination  Maternity: Work tops & more.  Now I technically did not like most of my work tops however  I was on a serious budget and did not want to spend major $ on clothes I would not wear more than a season.  However they do have a large selection of all brands of maternity wear for decent prices.

I actually am about to put my winter maternity wear up for resale on Ebay so if you are a size large and interested in a deal email me and I will give you more details  J.


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