Definition of Insanity & a Store Opening

 “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” ― Albert Einstein

 I have been in a financial struggle for some years now. Roughly around 5 years when I switched jobs and miscalculated the price of owning a car on my own. (I previously had a company car) Since then I have been one of the many who lives paycheck to paycheck. My personal goal is to focus my energies and climb out of debt. The stop for me is that my debt is created by some few months where either emergency expenses were needed, I was unemployed, or I just spent irresponsibly. (Hey, I am an honest woman) Now most the time I am what you call robbing Peter to pay Paul. Sadly, I have already cut out my unnecessary bills therefore leaving no wiggle room. So now I need lump sum to be current on all my bills. So now I am using my creativeness to get myself out of the mess I put myself in.

 Therefore I will be opening up an online store with goods I make or refashion. My Tumblr address of creative ADD is no joke as I dabble in a few varied industries. Therefore I will have three categories of goods; fashion, events, & baby. The fashion part you guys can see beginning on this site starting with basic tops. As for events I will be creating event décor crafts for parties. My professional background is a marketing event planner and this is my daily gig. Then baby is just things for little ones. Right now I will open up with baby shower bundles of coordinating diaper clutches and burp clothes in addition to diaper clutches on their own. My goal is to launch the store opening by Oct. 1st but in my mind I am pushing for sooner than that.

~ What’s a diaper clutch you ask? Here is the one I made for my friend’s baby shower.


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