Pinterest Luv: Nursery Makeover

I must admit a few things.

1) My Blake just moved out of my bedroom 2 weeks ago. He is 16 months old.

2) I never actually decorated his room.

Now some people would say who cares? No big deal! Yet, I am a crafty girl at heart and had all kinds of plans for son’s room but never moved on a one.  So now that he sleeps in his room I want to give it a makeover.  So I was looking for some tutorials on Pinterest to create my own little touches for his room.  I found a great tutorial over at domestic adventure. It is pretty and easy all at the same time. Yay!


domestic adventure: Crib Skirt Tutorial

I am getting my closet!

I am so excited! The time has come to get my closet installed.  I decided on my closet system loooonnnnggg ago.  It is the Ikea system that I previously have featured in this blog.  However I was unable to fit it in any car :(.  So I had to wait till I could afford delivery which stunk.  But now I will have it and be able to display my new self :).

Target Love . .

Honestly, you can really find everythign your little heart desires there!! For instance I love love love upholstered beds.  However, as you see my taste typically finds me looking at bed I cannot afford.  Much like the ones I posted about before, $1k!  Target to the rescue!!!! I found this great eheadboard for only $329!!

Toulouse Velvet Headboard

Toulouse Velvet Headboard

The drama I love it!!! Plus that is cheap enough to change in a couple of years when I find my husband :-).

Ode to Z Gallery

How I love their looks . . They are the only store who carries beds that talk directly to me!  Here is what I would love . .


It is so wonderful.  However very girly and would probably never keep it if I was living with a man.  I have a personal thing against very feminine decor when there is a man in residence even if he doesn’t care, I do.   Below is where I would go if I had a man in the house.



It is still lush but the lines makes it very gender netural and still very much my style. 

I hate painting . . .

Mostly because I am horrible at it! I have high standards, bad technique, and not enough physical energy to finish.  Currently, I am working on finishing painting my bedroom.  I want dark gray moldings (crown n bottom), a silver accent wall (RL Iron Gate), white ceiling, with pearl white walls.  So far I painted the bottom moldings and the side walls.  I got one coat of paint on the ceiling and the accent wall.  Today I was preparing to paint my crown molding.  Yea . . about that . . here is how far I have gotten . .

Unfinished molding

Yeeeaaahhh, my arms got tired and everything.  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, sad!  I really need to up my energy!  Want to be let in on the worst of it?  I did the worst job ever!! Making sure that I have do extra work when painting the second coat on the ceiling and the accent wall.  Look and see for yourself!

Wish I had painter!

I have been painting with a foam brush but now I know I need to go back and paint with a brush.  I hate painting with a brush. .  Lets not to mention I still need to buy a new can of paint for the accent wall because I don’t have enough paint for the second coat.  


So I get distracted . .

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I have been hiding for a while.  I moved back in my basement so that I can paint my bedrooom.  My Internet is in my bedroom and I haven’t been getting farther than my bed and the kitchen lately. Plus I moved my space heater down stairs which is also why I have been MIA.  I did find a camera!  That one did not come through on the camera although the text about reconciling with his child’s mother was nice 🙂.  Yet I found Mom’s camera so soon I will upload the pics of the the finished painted bedroom.

Welcome to growth . . style . . n love

I am coming to you on a glorious day . . my birthday J!  This blog is to be an account of my constant journey.  This journey is my growth in style, self, Christ.  Along the way I will be sharing all things I find joy in and adore.   Hopefully I will help some others in their journey!  More importantly I hope that this will keep me focused and honest :-D!

So I will share some of the things that I am working on currently . .

Fall Work Wardrobe

The perfect bedroom

Creations in Fashion

Work that body, work that body . . B is my inspiration to lose weight

Some of the things I am loving . .

My weird on and off crush on Seth Rogan (when his hair is tame he’s kinda hot . . no? yes?)

Early Voting . . Obama Biden!

Daryl Hawks, sports guy for Chicago NBC 5 . . he is oh so my type!!!


Update: Sadly August 2011 Daryl Hawks passed from a heart attack at 37 leaving behind a wife and three children.  Very tragic.