I am quite proud of myself. I finished a project!!! I made myself a maxi skirt.


I just washed it and realized that sadly I did not pre wash my fabric so my skirt shrunk :(. But it still wears fine it’s just no longer the perfect length it was before.


I’m not a writer . .

I am not a writer at all.  Why start a blog that I keep neglecting? Because I’m crazy? Well I started it to document my journey and to share all the information I found out. My friends come to me all the time asking for information about everything and I wanted to put it all in one place for all to see.  The problem is my journey has been starting and stopping just as much as my blog posts.  Well that needs to stop.  I am all about finishing the multiple projects I have started and producing the ideas I’ve created! So now I plan to just share my findings. Less writing but more sharing.

I am a finder :D. Need information? I can find it.  Please feel free to ask me anything!

Luv ~ Aja Nicole

Definition of Insanity & a Store Opening

 “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” ― Albert Einstein

 I have been in a financial struggle for some years now. Roughly around 5 years when I switched jobs and miscalculated the price of owning a car on my own. (I previously had a company car) Since then I have been one of the many who lives paycheck to paycheck. My personal goal is to focus my energies and climb out of debt. The stop for me is that my debt is created by some few months where either emergency expenses were needed, I was unemployed, or I just spent irresponsibly. (Hey, I am an honest woman) Now most the time I am what you call robbing Peter to pay Paul. Sadly, I have already cut out my unnecessary bills therefore leaving no wiggle room. So now I need lump sum to be current on all my bills. So now I am using my creativeness to get myself out of the mess I put myself in.

 Therefore I will be opening up an online store with goods I make or refashion. My Tumblr address of creative ADD is no joke as I dabble in a few varied industries. Therefore I will have three categories of goods; fashion, events, & baby. The fashion part you guys can see beginning on this site starting with basic tops. As for events I will be creating event décor crafts for parties. My professional background is a marketing event planner and this is my daily gig. Then baby is just things for little ones. Right now I will open up with baby shower bundles of coordinating diaper clutches and burp clothes in addition to diaper clutches on their own. My goal is to launch the store opening by Oct. 1st but in my mind I am pushing for sooner than that.

~ What’s a diaper clutch you ask? Here is the one I made for my friend’s baby shower.

The Little Black Book of Style

Aahhhhh how I adore my Border’s hauls. LOL . .  I am the person who racks up hundreds of dollars a year in books. I just love them! It is just a great of a high for me as shopping and finding a great style. Well I just bought Nina Gracia’s The Little Book of Style. Ive been eyeing this book for years. Now I finally have it. It is an awesome addition to my collection (Instant Style, Lucky’s Guide, 3, 000 magazines). Just one step along the path made . .

I also bought the Social Media Bible for personal development while I create a marketing plan for a launching business. How I love Borders :-).

The Path

In 2010 I am determined to change my life . . in all ways. One of the many ways is to ensure my visual personae matches my inner personae. It used to while I was in high school but once my body changed I felt different about it and just wanted to hide it instead of dressing it to its best. Currently, the challenge is to make everything change without much money at all. So here I will start making myself accountable and recording my progress for all to see, which I have deemed the Path.

Wish me luck. 🙂

What is your God given talent?

I have so many passions in my life. However, I am still unsure what is the passion of mine that rises to the top. So lately I have been praying for the Lord to show me what is it that I should focus upon? What should be my first step? If you know your passion do something with it! Even the smallest thing! Try many things . . advice I need to begin to take myself 😀 LOL! If you are blessed to know your talent read this articleto encourage you to strengthen your talents.

For Those w Goals to Pay Down Debt in 2009

Here is the research I have found on the best way to pay down debt: The Snowball Method. I gathered this information for a friend and figured I would share it here as well. Now I just need to take my own advice =).

From Wikipedia:

The basic steps in the debt snowball method are as follows:

-List all debts in ascending order from smallest balance to largest.
This is the method’s most distinctive feature, in that the order is determined by amount owed, not the rate of interest charged. However, if two debts are very close in amount owed, then the debt with the higher interest rate would be moved above in the list.

-Commit to pay the minimum payment on every debt.

-Determine how much extra can be applied towards the smallest debt.
-Pay the minimum payment plus the extra amount towards that smallest debt until it is paid off.
Note that some lenders will apply extra amounts towards the next payment; in order for the method to work the lenders need to be contacted and told that extra payments are to go directly toward principal reduction.

-Once a debt is paid in full, add the old minimum payment (plus any extra amount available) from the first debt to the minimum payment on the second smallest debt, and apply the new sum to repaying the second smallest debt.

-Repeat until all debts are paid in full.

In theory, by the time the final debts are reached, the extra amount paid toward the larger debts will grow quickly, similar to a snowball rolling downhill gathering more snow (thus the name).

The theory works as much on human psychology as it does on financial principles; by paying the smaller debts first, the individual, couple, or family sees fewer bills as more individual debts are paid off, thus giving ongoing positive feedback on their progress towards eliminating their debt. : A great site to keep up with.

Dad’s Advice . .

On a very personal note I am not attached and have a hard time finding men who treat me the way I want to be treated.  I talk to my Dad about it a lot because I tend to date guys like my Dad.  It is not a good thing.  Do not get me wrong I am Daddy’s girl and I love my Daddy to death. But my Dad has his traits I can live without (showing up hours late and more) if I am choosing my man.    So I go to Dad to try to figure out how to get what I want.  His advice is always simple and the same. 

You first have to treat yourself the way you want to be treated. 

I know people hear this all the time; love yourself first.  My Dad says take it to a level more than just your feelings.  You have to date yourself.  So that I what I have decided to do.   Quite literally.  I plan on taking myself out, getting pretty just for me, and maybe even buying me gifts =).  Now I am terrified of taking myself out but Dad says it is important to learn how to be by yourself.  So for my first date I plan on taking myself to the museum.


I adore all visual art so I plan on taking myself to the Art Institute of Chicago for their free Thrusdays night.  Yes, free!  See I am even a cheap date :-)!