I am quite proud of myself. I finished a project!!! I made myself a maxi skirt.


I just washed it and realized that sadly I did not pre wash my fabric so my skirt shrunk :(. But it still wears fine it’s just no longer the perfect length it was before.


Currently Working On


I bought this fabric awhile back n loved the stripes and the way the black had this washed out quality to it. I wanted to try to make a dress but I just bought a black and white striped dress a week ago. So I am attempting a maxi skirt. I already have sewn the back and the bottom hem, next for the elastic waist. I got lots of great instructions for DIY clothes on my Pinterest board Projects to Try.

Pinterest Luv: Nursery Makeover

I must admit a few things.

1) My Blake just moved out of my bedroom 2 weeks ago. He is 16 months old.

2) I never actually decorated his room.

Now some people would say who cares? No big deal! Yet, I am a crafty girl at heart and had all kinds of plans for son’s room but never moved on a one.  So now that he sleeps in his room I want to give it a makeover.  So I was looking for some tutorials on Pinterest to create my own little touches for his room.  I found a great tutorial over at domestic adventure. It is pretty and easy all at the same time. Yay!


domestic adventure: Crib Skirt Tutorial

Capes, Plaids, & Cloaks . .

I will attempt to create a coat! This is a scary thought for me but I want to push myself to try to do it.  I got this great cream and brown plaid flannel fabric from the thrift store and knew I wanted to use it for outterwear due to its weight.  Add to the fact that I do not own any mid-season/Fall coats.  So I have been looking up patterns to try out with it.  Here is the fabric, I hope I have enough it was a thrift store find :D.

My only real question is would it be too much if I make my little man a coat out of the same fabric too? I got plenty of fabric and he is at least getting some pants out of it.  Comment your thoughts and let me know!

Square Slouch Tops

One of my first projects I am going to work on is making myself a new crop tee.  I have one I got from Nordstrom’s that swings and sits just right.  I bought some remnant fabric in an African print and plan to make myself a second top and a headband to match :-). 

Here is the original top.


and here is the African print fabric that I have already started shaping into a new top. 


I am really excited because I love the fabric.  However, my pocketbook may currently decide for me that this top needs to be held for selling.   (More on the upcoming store site later)   Until then I will finish it out and see how it goes.