“I’m Chuck Bass . . “

OOoooo it feels like its been years since I heard Chuck say that the way he did last night :).  I love Chuck Bass :). For some reason everything that I loved in this episode was an accessory.

As far as my friends on the upper east side Queen Blair had me craving a particular journal.  Now most of the world must of found it soon after the episode aired because the Tiffanies blue journal is gone.  But they do have it in Red and silver though.

As far as the episode goes Serena made me want to go buy a black slip and sweet pink pumps.

Endless.com $89

Mrs Blair is Pregnant!!!

I so adore watching my Gossip Girl! My fashion craves from last night episode . . pink . . pink  . . pink! Between Sernea’s blazer and her cousin’s pants I am thinking even a pink suit would be a good investment right now.

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle
Asos at ShopStyle


Update: I think the pants are all sold out 😦 . . so here is a similar option.  Also a link for the jacket.


Gossip Girl Returns!

Ahhhhh so is she REALLY Pregnant??? By who???? Why must they continue to try to kill my Chuck? Goodness! Stop that!  . . Yes I’m a grown woman in still love with gossip girl :p.  Either way I always have a fashion craving immediately afterwards.   So now I want a gold and turquoise pendant.


Danielle Stevens turquoise and crystal pendant chain necklace
$27 – Bluefly



Danielle Stevens gold and crystal owl pendant chain necklace
$27 – Bluefly

The Ringer

Ok . . so Fall TV is baaccckkkk 🙂 . . I actually ended up watching the end of Ringer last night. I just had to see what Buffy was up to lol! Either way the end of the show the main character is in the fabulous one shoulder dress with gold trim. Now the gold trim I could not find. However, there are many one black shoulder gowns one can find. Here are some of the ones I found.

Wyatt at ShopStyle
Julie Brown at ShopStyle

Ugly Betty’s Seperates Rock!


Ok, on the last couple of episodes of Ugly Betty I’ve been feeling Betty’s clothes.  Not the combinations mind you! But if you take a look at each piece that they put on her by themselves sometimes they are kinda hot! Just think about that dress minus all the other things! Holiday part material for sure!  Then last night I adored the coat that she had on in the show.



I found it on J Crew.  Can’t you just see it with a simple sheath dress in black or turquoise (for the bold) underneath?   

*Update: It is the French Serge Day Coat on sale for $140.

Are you guys feeling it too? Or am I going crazy?

True Fan of True Blood


Okay how I love and adore this show. . The blood the guts. . The men. The show is on HBO on Sunday nights and is all about Sookie and how she has fallen in love with this vampire named Bill.  At the same time she falls in love with him people around her end up dead.  It is more about the drama then the blood and guts.  There is sex everywhere along with hot men.

Is it really wrong to still kinda find Lafayette attractive even though he is totally gay?  My number one crush is still Nick, who is totally not my typicaltype.  However, Nick’s swagger and size have totally won me over!  Who knew I would like a tall pale blond boy?

But anyway;Is anyone else totally obsessed with this show?  If so please tell me who you think the killer is?!? I am dying to hear peoples theories.  I am still thinking that it is Sam.