My Crush Married!

So in my intro to this blog I explained I have a crush on Seth Rogen. Which many of my firends find strange. Either way I get a lot of traffic from a Seth Rogen search when I didn’t even tag him in my post! So if you were looking for the info . .

This weekend he got married!! Tear tear . . oh well I can still dream about him. Check out the full story. The funny part is he has been asked about this marriage all this week while promoting the movie 50/50 and his response was the wedding would be ‘in a few months’ lol guess he got by on that one.

Mamma got the Speedy Daddy got the duffle . .

Wellllll . . I am fighting my inner label wh*#e on my want for a new bag. I have found a LV speedy in the traditional brown logo pattern that I can afford. Now what I really want is the LV in the Damier Azur (grey checker). Plus I know I need a shoulder bag as cute as I feel that girls look with their bags on their elbows. However cute I feel it is I also feel it is not at all practical. Sooooo what to do??? Buy the purse letting the label rule? Or go back to my old stand by of the way too popular Coach bag? FYI -I hate having a bag that everyone else would have. But I do not want to spend a lot of money on something that looks random. . . Help!!!!!!

The Path

In 2010 I am determined to change my life . . in all ways. One of the many ways is to ensure my visual personae matches my inner personae. It used to while I was in high school but once my body changed I felt different about it and just wanted to hide it instead of dressing it to its best. Currently, the challenge is to make everything change without much money at all. So here I will start making myself accountable and recording my progress for all to see, which I have deemed the Path.

Wish me luck. 🙂

Thanks Rosario!

Thanks to Rosario and Go Fug Yourself I have found a perfect bridesmaid dress for my dream wedding! Am I getting married? Not anytime soon from my knowledge. But I am a event planner and therefore always planning fab events I would love to have in my head!

But seriously Go Fug Yourself said it looked a little like a bridesmaid dress and poof I decided it will be mine =)! That will totally be what my girls are wearing when it get to that day!

Project Runway Me . .

I have big dreams the big dream is to own an image consulting agency running title “Growth, Style, and Love” =).  The other dream is to have a fashion line.  Right now due to lack of funds I am trying my hand at making my own clothes and transforming old clothes.  If you have been reading this for a little bit you know I had an idea to be Carrie for Halloween.  So for the outfit I went I bought this dress.



I found the dress at the thrift store for $4.50.   Gotta love the thrift store.  Once I ditched the idea of dousing it in red “blood” I decided to transform it into something new.  My idea is to turn it into a high waist skirt and dye it.  If you can not see it here is a better idea of what it would look like. 

Lace dress

So now I just have to think of what color to dye it.  I am thinking black or a charcoal grey.  I plan on buying the dye today. Initially I wanted to make it a deep purple but after a holiday party this past weekend with over 10 girls in purple I am ditching that thought.   I will update you all with the details and how it comes out.

Beyonce’s Dress at Tree Lighting

From Just Jared

From Just Jared


My feelings: It would be an awesome holiday party dress! Someone should have told B that the dresses nude doesn’t match her skin tone though. 

Most importantly, it is not cool to sing one of the most religous Christmas songs made in a dress that makes you appear to be naked with glitter on. 

Am I taking it too far? Your thoughts?