I’m not a writer . .

I am not a writer at all.  Why start a blog that I keep neglecting? Because I’m crazy? Well I started it to document my journey and to share all the information I found out. My friends come to me all the time asking for information about everything and I wanted to put it all in one place for all to see.  The problem is my journey has been starting and stopping just as much as my blog posts.  Well that needs to stop.  I am all about finishing the multiple projects I have started and producing the ideas I’ve created! So now I plan to just share my findings. Less writing but more sharing.

I am a finder :D. Need information? I can find it.  Please feel free to ask me anything!

Luv ~ Aja Nicole

My Crush Married!

So in my intro to this blog I explained I have a crush on Seth Rogen. Which many of my firends find strange. Either way I get a lot of traffic from a Seth Rogen search when I didn’t even tag him in my post! So if you were looking for the info . .

This weekend he got married!! Tear tear . . oh well I can still dream about him. Check out the full story. The funny part is he has been asked about this marriage all this week while promoting the movie 50/50 and his response was the wedding would be ‘in a few months’ lol guess he got by on that one.

Mrs Blair is Pregnant!!!

I so adore watching my Gossip Girl! My fashion craves from last night episode . . pink . . pink  . . pink! Between Sernea’s blazer and her cousin’s pants I am thinking even a pink suit would be a good investment right now.

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle
Asos at ShopStyle


Update: I think the pants are all sold out 😦 . . so here is a similar option.  Also a link for the jacket.


Gossip Girl Returns!

Ahhhhh so is she REALLY Pregnant??? By who???? Why must they continue to try to kill my Chuck? Goodness! Stop that!  . . Yes I’m a grown woman in still love with gossip girl :p.  Either way I always have a fashion craving immediately afterwards.   So now I want a gold and turquoise pendant.


Danielle Stevens turquoise and crystal pendant chain necklace
$27 – Bluefly



Danielle Stevens gold and crystal owl pendant chain necklace
$27 – Bluefly

The Ringer

Ok . . so Fall TV is baaccckkkk 🙂 . . I actually ended up watching the end of Ringer last night. I just had to see what Buffy was up to lol! Either way the end of the show the main character is in the fabulous one shoulder dress with gold trim. Now the gold trim I could not find. However, there are many one black shoulder gowns one can find. Here are some of the ones I found.

Wyatt at ShopStyle
Julie Brown at ShopStyle

Capes, Plaids, & Cloaks . .

I will attempt to create a coat! This is a scary thought for me but I want to push myself to try to do it.  I got this great cream and brown plaid flannel fabric from the thrift store and knew I wanted to use it for outterwear due to its weight.  Add to the fact that I do not own any mid-season/Fall coats.  So I have been looking up patterns to try out with it.  Here is the fabric, I hope I have enough it was a thrift store find :D.

My only real question is would it be too much if I make my little man a coat out of the same fabric too? I got plenty of fabric and he is at least getting some pants out of it.  Comment your thoughts and let me know!

Definition of Insanity & a Store Opening

 “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” ― Albert Einstein

 I have been in a financial struggle for some years now. Roughly around 5 years when I switched jobs and miscalculated the price of owning a car on my own. (I previously had a company car) Since then I have been one of the many who lives paycheck to paycheck. My personal goal is to focus my energies and climb out of debt. The stop for me is that my debt is created by some few months where either emergency expenses were needed, I was unemployed, or I just spent irresponsibly. (Hey, I am an honest woman) Now most the time I am what you call robbing Peter to pay Paul. Sadly, I have already cut out my unnecessary bills therefore leaving no wiggle room. So now I need lump sum to be current on all my bills. So now I am using my creativeness to get myself out of the mess I put myself in.

 Therefore I will be opening up an online store with goods I make or refashion. My Tumblr address of creative ADD is no joke as I dabble in a few varied industries. Therefore I will have three categories of goods; fashion, events, & baby. The fashion part you guys can see beginning on this site starting with basic tops. As for events I will be creating event décor crafts for parties. My professional background is a marketing event planner and this is my daily gig. Then baby is just things for little ones. Right now I will open up with baby shower bundles of coordinating diaper clutches and burp clothes in addition to diaper clutches on their own. My goal is to launch the store opening by Oct. 1st but in my mind I am pushing for sooner than that.

~ What’s a diaper clutch you ask? Here is the one I made for my friend’s baby shower.