Wardrobe Planning: Fall 2012 – An Intro


After talking to my bestie I have begun to consider what my fall wardrobe would look like if I in fact planned it in advance.  Each of us has had a weight change since last fall (hers a wonderful loss mine we won’t mention lol) and we each need multiple pieces for our new sizes. When you plan in advance you can purchase the trends you want, cultivate the look you want, all while staying on budget. Lets say you set aside $75 each paycheck/twice a month so that would give you $450 each season.

First you want to think of how you live: is most of your time spent at work? What do you do on the weekends? Do you have an active night life and what clothes will that include? Myself I will spend most of my time at work and on weekends most outings include my year and a half old son. That being said I also do a sprinkle of night life events and I am single therefore will be dating as well. So I’d say 75% would be work, 20% weekend, 5% nights out. Therefore I will make sure that most my budget goes to work and spend accordingly.

Next, do you know your style? I personally fall in a sexy secretary – lady-like prep look, think Charlotte with a good sprinkle of Samantha. If you don’t know your style figure it out and borrow from others.  Pick up the latest People Style pick out the celebrity whose closet you would like to raid. Next Google that celebrity and check out the images tab.  Taking a good look at that should show you what you like.  I personally would love to steal Kerry Washington’s closet any day.

Keep these first two steps in mind when shopping. Your personal lifestyle and fashion style will stay with you forever and if you do it right you do not need to add in one trend to look stylish every day of your life.  If  a trend does not mix with your style do not get get it.  If it does not look good with your body type do yourself a favor and stay far far away.

Next building your look . . . Bottoms for Fall 2012

There are a few trends I am considering playing with this fall.

Colored Pant for Fall = Colored Corduroy

I am looked at fall colors, mustard yellows, ruby reds, and deep plums that can be worn at work as well.

Printed Pant