“I’m Chuck Bass . . “

OOoooo it feels like its been years since I heard Chuck say that the way he did last night :).  I love Chuck Bass :). For some reason everything that I loved in this episode was an accessory.

As far as my friends on the upper east side Queen Blair had me craving a particular journal.  Now most of the world must of found it soon after the episode aired because the Tiffanies blue journal is gone.  But they do have it in Red and silver though.

As far as the episode goes Serena made me want to go buy a black slip and sweet pink pumps.

Endless.com $89

Tiffany’s Frank Gehry Torque Ring in Opal

Okay so I know this is a partial picture but this will have to do.  I love this ring!  I am now set on buying it at some point.  This is cahclong opal which is very pretty and opal is my birthstone.  This is the only piece of jewerly that I have ever seen in opal that I like.   I can not wait to see how this would look against my chocolate skin tone.  This is so on investment/savings list.